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Fee Schedule Application

Packed with analysis and reporting tools, FS App is our web based SaaS (software as a service) product. FS App stores all of your organizations physician fee schedules and contracts and designates access for your entire network roster. Perfect for CINs, IPAs, PHOs and other physician organizations.

Solutions for Provider Organizations

Monitoring your reimbursement contracts helps ensure your physicians are being adequately and competitively compensated while staying proportional to Medicare and other relevant benchmarks. Our tools and services can help ACOs, CINs, IPAs, PHOs and all other types of provider groups.



Securely store and display your payer fee schedules at the CPT level alongside Medicare. Customize access at the user level.



Tailor your system by selecting from over 110 default specialties with utilization or create your own. Users can create and export custom CPT lists and utilization.



Compare and evaluate each fee schedule using our default or your custom utilization. Use FS App to check claims payments.



Run reports to review user affiliation, evaluate contracts at the specialty & CPT code level, export full schedules, manage rosters and more.



Review contract participation and opt-in/out in a streamlined manner. Re-evaluate fee schedules as the payers make periodic updates.



Available add-on modules include fee schedule affiliated notes section, messenger model functionality, admin controlled news & events portal and more.

Fee Schedule Analysis & Development

Let us help you develop and analyze all of your organizations fee schedules using an array of tools and methodologies.

FS Development

Construct comprehensive fee schedules for all current CPT and HCPCS codes. Schedules can be tailored by specialty, CPT category or any other parameter you need.

fs evaluation

Evaluate your existing or prospective fee schedules using our default or your custom utilization. Sort the analysis by CPT code, specialty or any other desired method.

fs target

Set a reimbursement target and we'll develop a fee schedule that ensures you'll reach a comfortable level of compensation. Incorporate a custom utilization for an even better fit.

fs compare

Compare old fee schedules to new, one specialty to another, one payer to another or measure against regional Medicare, Medicaid or other benchmark.

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